The Engines of Creation

TwinStickShooter is now free!

To celebrate something (we're not sure what), TwinStickShooter is now a free game! That means everyone can enjoy the game without paying a dime for it! There's another TwinStickShooter related announcement, and that is that the game is no longer available through IndieVania, since that entire website went offline. Fortunately, we've made the game available through instead!

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TwinStickShooter update

A small TwinStickShooter update has been released on IndieCity, Desura and IndieVania. The update fixes a problem with some achievements that wouldn't unlock and some issues with the installer were resolved. An updated version of the demo has also been released through both our website and IndieCity. The old version wouldn't always launch properly when running in fullscreen mode. This issue has been resolved in the new version.

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